Bespoke Hose Assemblies

Experts in Bespoke Assemblies from Hydraulic to Jet Wash

Whatever your requirement, we can provide you or your customer with bespoke hose assemblies, all manufactured in the UK for delivery throughout the world.

We aim to make our customers’ jobs easier and their businesses more profitable. From 1 wire to multi spiral, Layflat to MDS with various termination options, we can take the strain for you by offering the following benefits:

  • Our experienced team are able to band hoses up to 8"
  • Crimping is available for the following sizes: Hydraulic 1/4" to 3" I.D., Industrial 1/2" to 8" I.D. and Pneumatic 1/8" to 6"
  • Variety of tagging options available
  • Protective spiral guarding and collective wrapping available on request
  • Available for Hydraulic, Pneumatic, Layflat, Suction Hose, PVC, Jetwash
  • Utilise your staff in other areas of your business by allowing us to absorb the labour costs and supply reliable assembled products
  • Hydraulic hoses colour-coded for identification

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Pipe Threading

Our pipe threading system enables fast and efficient threading of both close and barrel nipples, or bespoke length tubes to BSPT and NPT standards. Our compact quick-change die heads allow quick, accurate and clean threading of 1/4" to 2" pipe. The dedicated & experienced team knows the importance of accurate threading and ensuring that the finished product is perfect, every time. This, coupled with investment in state of the art technology, gives you the confidence that each order will be of the highest standard and delivered within your timescales.

Accurate clean threads… every time

We can offer bespoke pipe threading, closed nipple and tube threading production at various lengths, up to 6.4 metres. Barrel and closed nipple threading options are available from 1/4" to 2" pipe 

With long, precise pipe guidance for perfect pipe centring (critical for producing clean threads) and quick interchangeable dies, we can offer clean precise threads every time.

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Hydrostatic H2O & Dry Nitrogen Pressure Testing

Our two in-house pressure testing units allow the assembly team to confidently assess and report on the safe working pressures of a variety of hose assemblies including hydraulic, rubber compressor, air breathing and pneumatic. Utilising both the Hydrostatic H2O and the leak detecting Dry Nitrogen water tank, any vital assembly can be delivered with absolute confidence in its performance. 

Hydrostatic H2O Testing

Nitrogen Test Unit

In-house Testing

3/16" up to 2"

Dry nitrogen test medium drier than O2 or atmospheric mix

All testing is performed by fully BFPDA trained personnel

5 outlet ports capable of testing to 1500 bar

Air and water hose assemblies tested submersed in water

All testing is performed to BS EN ISO 7751

Test bed – 2000 x 800 x 500 mm



Bulletproof cover



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Tube Manipulation

Precise Tube Manipulation 
By using state of the art equipment we are able to carry out tube manipulation efficiently and precisely so that we can deliver the results our clients expect.

Our tube manipulation services are suitable for many different materials such as copper, brass, mild and stainless steel, which makes us a versatile choice to carry out your tube manipulation needs. Our fully automated tube manipulation process comprises of electronic 3 axis CNC precision bending machines, which have a 300 tube single run (max length 700mm), manipulating tube from 6mm to 20mm. We are able to offer tube manipulation in conjunction with following:

  • Tube bending 
  • Tube end forming 
  • Tube swaging
  • Tig welding

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